Our Mission

Our long-term goal is to save the endangered monarch butterfly from going extinct. Like many species in North America, the monarch butterfly is categorized as a threatened species. In the face of climate change, we’re taking proactive and practical measures to save this dying species.

We provide informative tours of coastal locations that extend to San Diego County. Once you visit Milkweed and Nectar plants, you will realize the food the monarchs need to survive and grow. Not too long ago, monarch butterflies were only found on 1.7 acres. Hibernation of monarch butterflies also has decreased to an all-time low in the last two decades.

Locals continue to witness signs showing monarch butterflies disappearing from the environment. In line with Oyamel Fir Trees, illegal logging makes things worse for monarch butterflies as they lose their winter shelter. Usually, after migration, thousands of monarch butterflies clump together on these trees in the winter season for protection and safety.

The last count of Monarchs covered less than 1.65 acres of forest West of Mexico City. A decade ago, monarch butterflies covered over 44 acres of forest land in the same area. Remember, there is still a chance to preserve monarch butterflies’ annual migration across Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

The most responsible and kind thing you can do is help us speed up our efforts to save this threatened species from extinction. On average, the successful annual migration of a monarch butterfly translates into 9 months of life span. After that, they can reproduce and die in the spring season of the Southern U.S. Interestingly, monarch offspring can continue the annual migration cycle and move further North.

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You can learn more about our joint venture efforts and plans to save monarch butterflies here at the Monarch Joint Venture.